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  • Weight Loss Starting in as Little as 1 Week
  • Helps to Suppress Appetite
  • May Help Reduce Dietary Cholesterol
  • Help Calming Food Cravings
  • Weight Loss and Decreased Body Fat
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proshaperx is the consumer's choice

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User Rating: #1
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Manufactured By:
proshaperx is the expert's choice
Leading Edge Health
129 Roweland Drive
Johnson City, TN 37601

ProShapeRX Review:

The ProShapeRX weight loss supplement is proving very popular and has been extremely successful in helping women to lose weight and reduce fat. ProShapeRX is manufactured by a company called Leading Edge Health which has been a major retailer in the online health industry for several years and has a very good reputation.

ProShapeRX contains 100% authentic Hoodia Gordonii, the well known appetite suppressant that's been featured on BBC News, CBS News, MSNBC News, National Geographic and several other health and weight loss related programs.

ProShapeRX Product Claims:

  • Begin Losing Weight in as Little as 7 Days
  • Sends a Signal to Your Brain Telling you 'You're Full'
  • Helps to Prevent Fat Storage
  • Reduces Calorie Absorption from Starches
  • Discourages Cholesterol Absorption
  • Increases Lean Muscle and Boosts Metabolism
  • Does Not Contain any Stimulants like Caffeine or Ephedrine

ProShapeRX Results:

Most women can expect quick and noticeable results when using ProShapeRX to increase their metabolism, lower their appetite, and achieve a vast array of health and weight loss benefits. ProShapeRX is specifically formulated to combat food cravings and improve digestive tract health.

Many readers report losing weight within the first week of using ProShapeRX, and even more substantial weight loss with continued use. Our customer feedback ranks ProShapeRX as the #1 weight loss product for women. In addition, most review sites rate this product very highly. An excellent choice for suppressing appetite and losing weight in a controlled and healthy fashion.

* Insider Tip - For a limited time you can receive a FREE TRIAL of ProShapeRX and only pay $4.95 for shipping. (US orders only) Check website for details.

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ProShapeRX- Full Review



ProShapeRX - Review

proshaperx reviewThe ProShapeRX weight loss system is manufactured and distributed by a company called Leading Edge Health and sold from the product website at This company has been selling female health products for over a decade online and they enjoy a sterling reputation in the industry. From the ProShapeRX website:

"Stop The Hunger, Crush The Cravings...And FINALLY Lose Those Extra Pounds!...With The Help Of 100% Authentic Hoodia Gordonii, It's The Doctor-Endorsed Appetite Suppressant! Tired of diets that don't work? ProShapeRX is the doctor and herbalist-endorsed weight loss system designed to help you quickly and easily shed those unwanted pounds! First, it contains 100% authentic Hoodia Gordonii, the well-known appetite suppressant featured on BBC News, CBS News, MSNBC News, National Geographic, and more! But ProShapeRX does much more than curb your food cravings. Because this 100% natural herbal supplement has also been carefully formulated to tell stop cravings, suppress appetite and help you burn more fat - and keep the weight off.

Unlike many other weight loss supplements on the market, ProShapeRX is proud to use nothing but all-natural ingredients, including 100% pure certified Hoodia Gordonii -- derived from the same plant that South African bushmen use to stave off hunger during long hunts! Called a "weight loss miracle" by many, it's a 100% herbal pill composed of natural ingredients without additives or fillers. In fact, all of our ingredients have been reviewed for approval and endorsed by our medical advisor. "

The fact that ProShapeRX uses 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii as part of their potent weight loss formula seems to be a key reason for the success of this product. ProShapeRX contains several ingredients which have proven to positively affect the body in numerous ways, aside from just losing weight. ProShapeRX is designed to help prevent fat storage, reduce calorie absorption from cholesterol, and contains ingredients chosen for their effect on supporting digestive tract health. ProShapeRX works to help you successfully control your appetite and suppress food cravings.

For a limited time, ProShapeRX comes with a free trial whereby you can try ProShapeRX for free and only pay $4.95 for shipping, letting you try this product in the comfort of your own home with absolutely no risk. This company's reputation in the health care industry is very established, and is one of the few manufacturer's we have no qualms in recommending for a free trial offer. If you're looking for a diet pill that's proven to help women lose weight, and more importantly - keep the weight off - then ProShapeRX is undoubtedly a very good choice. It should be noted that if you combine regular exercise and proper nutrition with ProShapeRX capsules - you will experience even better results.


ProShapeRX - Product Claims

  • Begin Losing Weight in as Little as 7 Days
  • Sends a Signal to Your Brain Telling you 'You're Full'
  • Helps to Prevent Fat Storage
  • Reduces Calorie Absorption from Starches
  • Discourages Cholesterol Absorption
  • Increases Lean Muscle and Boosts Metabolism
  • Does Not Contain any Stimulants like Caffeine or Ephedrine


ProShapeRX - Guarantee

ProShapeRX does not have a money-back guarantee because you actually get to try the product first for free - before purchasing it yourself.


ProShapeRX - Usage

Each 1-month supply of ProShapeRX consists of 1 bottle containing 90 capsules. Take 3 ProShapeRX capsules daily - at morning, afternoon, and night.


ProShapeRX - Cost

  • ProShapeRX FREE TRIAL - 1 bottle - $4.95 for shipping - (1-month supply)
  • After free trial - ProShapeRX cost is $64.95 per bottle, including shipping - (1-month supply)


ProShapeRX - Testimonial

"I have lost 11.5 pounds in about 3 weeks just by taking ProShape!" - Colin Mander


ProShapeRX - Side Effects

There are no reported side effects associated with using ProShapeRX.


ProShapeRX - Bonuses

Current ProShapeRX Free Bonuses:

  • Free 1-month supply of ProShapeRx with current Free Trial offer


ProShapeRX - Medical Endorsements

ProShapeRX is doctor approved and endorsed by Dr. Michael Carter, Psy.D, RCP.


ProShapeRX - Shipping

Shipping cost for free trial is $4.95. After free trial, ProShapeRX cost is $64.95 per 1-month supply which includes shipping.


ProShapeRX - How to Order

ProShape is available to purchase through the product website. You can order ProShapeRX securely online using most major credit cards.


ProShapeRX - Conclusion

proshaperx anti-agingWe feel that ProShapeRX is among the top products if you're looking for a safe and proven weight loss supplement that is guaranteed to contain authentic and safe ingredients. Unlike many low quality "diet pills" sold online, ProShapeRX contains 100% authentic Hoodia Gordonii, and gives you complete confidence that you are getting what you pay for. We feel this product is very reasonably priced for the results that you receive and extremely affordable when compared to other low quality knock-offs which abound on the internet. ProShapeRX uses several clinically proven ingredients which will help reduce cravings and enable you to lose weight safely and realistically.

Customer feedback indicates that very positive results can be experienced in a relatively short amount of time. When using the ProShapeRX capsules daily as directed, you can expect noticeable results in as little as 1-2 weeks, with even better progress with continued usage. ProShapeRX will work to improve several aspects of your overall physical health, and most customers are very impressed with the results they see while using ProShapeRX. Of course, proper nutrition and exercise in conjunction with the ProShapeRX capsules will promote even better results. Please note that after your 30-day free trial of ProShapeRX, you will be sent a new monthly supply every month at the regular retail price of $64.95 (includes shipping & handling), unless you cancel during the free trial period.

Overall we rate ProShapeRX as a very good choice for weight loss, and an excellent way to reduce cravings and suppress your appetite to healthier levels. According to our research and feedback from our readers, the ProShapeRX capsule is certainly an effective product which produces dramatic improvement in a woman's overall health and will be noticeable both on the scale and in how you look and feel. Their excellent free trial program allows you to try the ProShapeRX products absolutely risk free for 30 days - and make sure the product is right for you. ProShapeRX comes highly recommended by our readers and currently holds the distinction of being rated as the #1 User Recommended weight loss capsule. Find out more.


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ProShapeRX For Safe and Healthy Weight Loss.

Over 2 million women (and men) have already successfully used the ProShapeRX system to shed pounds while improving several aspects of their physical health and reducing food cravings. Safe and affordable, ProShapeRX definitely stands out as one of the leading options for losing weight in a realistic and sustainable manner - and should be considered among the top products for losing weight and keeping the pounds off.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work, but ProShapeRX has shown in numerous studies and through customer feedback to be one of the most effective weight loss products you can buy. We encourage you to try ProShapeRX completely risk free and start experiencing the thrill of noticeable weight loss, smaller dress sizes, and revitalized health! ProShapeRX will help you not only shed the pounds over a realistic time period - but more importantly - help you keep the pounds off.

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