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Does being overweight affect female libido and sex drive?

Do you find yourself not feeling like your normally do? When it comes to being with that someone special do you find yourself not interested in sex? Believe it or not, men are not the only ones that can suffer from a lack of sexual drive. Women can sometimes feel uninterested in sex just as much as men can. What can cause a woman to lose interest in sex? There can be a number of reasons including anemia, and diabetes, but one of the biggest reasons for a low sex drive can be obesity. How does weight play a role in the sex drive? It all comes down to the size of the woman’s body.

The more weight a person has on their frame, the more likely it is that this person has no desire for sex, or a limited desire for intimacy. The problem is that the fat can add a barrier between the proper blood flow to the lower half of the body. Scientists and doctors have proven that with the blood flow being cut off or restricted to the pelvis area can really affect the desires a person has. Is it the physical weight that is the only factor between obesity and low female libido? The answer is no, it is not just the fat itself cutting off the blood flow; there is also a hormonal issue to consider.

The more body fat a women has the higher the level of hormones in the body. What happens is the sex hormone binding globulin, also known as SHBG, can attach itself to testosterone that you already have in your body. Testosterone is the hormone that helps make a person want to have sex; if the SHBG hormone latches onto the testosterone then it cannot get a woman “in the mood” for sex. What can be done for an overweight woman who wants to get her sexual drive back to where it used to be? For a woman that wants to put the sex back in sexy, there are a few things that she can do.

Here is a short list of what a woman can do to feel the desire for sex again. Lose weight - you do not need to shed a ton of weight, losing a little as ten pounds can really make a difference in how much sexual desire you have. Nutrition: Try changing your eating habits to something with more nutrition, lower cholesterol, and lower in sugar. Exercising - exercising can really get the heart pumping, and with that beating heart comes increased blood flow throughout your whole body.

If your blood flow to the lower part of your body is restricted, then try to shift the focus of your workouts to the pelvic area. For a woman of any size it is important to have a healthy sex drive. If you happen to be overweight then feeling the desire for sex can be diminished or non-existent. The problem is the weight and if you lose a little as ten pounds and eat healthier you will see a big difference in your sex drive!





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