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Female Orgasm Tips

Since the beginning of time, the female orgasm has remained somewhat of a mystery. Unlike in men, women do not always reach the point of orgasm during intercourse. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with the woman, or her lover, just that sometimes it simply does not happen. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Some women may experience the female orgasm as the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Other women may simply experience the female orgasm as a feeling of extreme relaxation or contentment after a period of intense arousal. About one third of women regularly experience orgasm during intercourse, while another third do not reach orgasm through intercourse but may by means of other sexual stimulation. The remaining third can achieve the female orgasm through intercourse combined with some type of extra stimulation. Every woman is different and all of these scenarios are considered to be normal.

Very few women, an approximate 10% , may not be able to experience the female orgasm. This is known as anorgasmia. There are various categories of anorgasmia, ranging from primary anorgasmia, where a woman has never reached orgasm from any type of stimulation, to situational anorgasmia, which means they are unable to climax in certain situations only. Other types include secondary anorgasmia, where the woman has been able to climax previously.

The lack of the female orgasm can be very misleading. It does not mean that the woman was not satisfied or content with lovemaking. It does not necessarily mean that her partner is not a good lover. The female orgasm is a bit more temperamental than the male version. If something is stressing the woman greatly, this may interfere with her ability to relax and enjoy the experience enough to reach orgasm. If the relationship is troubled, this may also impede the ability to experience a female orgasm.

There are a few things that can be done to improve the chances of having a female orgasm. First of all, relax and don't put pressure on yourself to have an orgasm, as this is about the best way to ensure you will not reach climax. Openly communicate with your partner and let them know what arouses you and what turns you off. If they feel like they have disappointed you, assure them you love being with them, and work together to find what works for both of you. Some couples may feel comfortable incorporating a vibrator into their lovemaking session in order to provide additional stimulation to help the woman achieve orgasm.

If you are still having problems reaching climax and it is interfering with your love life or relationship with your lover, there are some educational books that may help your situation. These books can teach you how to perform certain exercises that will help achieve orgasm. Aside from what you might learn in the books, simply try really relaxing and enjoying the sexual experience. Perhaps add a little sexual fantasy into the mix, and you may be surprised at what might happen. Encourage your lover to continue stimulation if they have reached climax and you're still waiting. Consider adding a female sexual enhancer - and possibly a male enhancement supplement for your partner. There are many herbal sexual enhancement products which have proven very successful in providing a better sexual experience.

Finally, perhaps the most important thing is to never think of the inability to achieve an orgasm as any negative refection on your femininity. This is not the case. Worry less, talk openly with your partner, and try to enjoy the intimacy without thinking of the orgasm as the "end result".




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