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All you need to know about Female Sexual Dysfunction

Millions of women around the globe suffer from either female sexual dysfunction or low libido. The spot light has been commonly on men to the point where people forgot about women. Women who have female sexual dysfunction tend to lose sexual appetite. This poor sexual appetite more than often tends to ruin good relationship, and can often lead to cheating and infidelity. There are number of things that you need to know about this condition in women. Let's start off with the causes of female sexual dysfunction.

Hormones are the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in women. A variation in the hormonal levels is the main culprit in this situation. During menopause women tend to produce less estrogen, which in turn affects the woman's libido. Additionally, this causes vaginal dryness which is due to the dryness of the vagina and the vaginal walls thinning. A dry vagina will make intercourse painful thus reducing the woman's sex drive negatively. For this situation, a female enhancement gel can be just the ticket to improve lubrication and also improve sexual sensation.

Another hormone that is equally important to estrogen is testosterone. Despite the fact that this hormone is commonly mentioned in men, it is also present in women and plays a crucial role in a woman's sexual appetite. This hormone is responsible in regulating a woman's libido. If there is a drop in testosterone levels then the woman's libido also drops.

Drugs and medications are also causes of sexual dysfunction in women. Despite the fact that drugs are meant to make one feel better, there are drugs that tend to affect a woman's sexual appetite. These drugs and medications include certain heart condition and many depression drugs. These drugs have been known of robbing one's sexual appetite. Other drugs include contraceptive pills which also affect one's sexual desire negatively. Herbal female enhancement supplements can be very effective in reversing the negative sexual side effects caused by these medications.

Psychological and emotional factors are also causes of female sexual dysfunction. Having a sound mental well being is important to a woman if she is to have a good sexual appetite. Fatigue, depression and stress are highly likely to affect a woman's sexual urge negatively. It is common for women with relationship problems to be unable to enjoy sex. Another cause is STDs.

There are various symptoms a woman can check in order to determine whether she has sexual dysfunction. They include: becoming cold or unresponsive to sexual advances, unable to sexually get excited, hesitant to intimacy with your partner, intercourse becomes painful or un-enjoyable and finally the inability to get an orgasm. If you identify these symptoms then you have sexual dysfunction.

Finally, there is treatment to female sexual dysfunction. There are various treatment methods to this condition. However, it should be noted that the cause of the dysfunction dictates the method of treatment. The following are some of the natural remedies you can utilise. They include; getting intensive treatment or therapy on some of the health problems that affect a woman's sexual appetite, hormonal therapy for both testosterone and estrogen hormones, psychological therapy and counselling so as to help control stress and finally there is avoiding drugs and medications that tend to reduce sexual drive.

All this information is important in understanding, identifying and treating female sexual dysfunction.




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