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Sex Tips for Women.

Do you recall the last time you couldn't wait to get back home and get cozy with your lover between the sheets? If you can hardly remember, it is time to bring the spark into your sex life. While sustaining a great sex life in a marriage or a long-term relationship is hard, it is possible. Great sex forms a key cornerstone of marital happiness and prosperity. It also keeps you healthy by reducing stress levels, improving the immune system and reduces the risk of heart problems. This article lists some great sex tips for women based on a male perspective.

Tip 1: Wear something sexy such as a garter belt and stockings. Men are visual creatures and wearing something sexy and revealing turns them on.

Tip 2: Ensure that you maintain your naughty bits by cleaning and shaving them on a regular basis.

Tip 3: Practice doing a sexy lap-dance or a strip-tease. You don't have to buy costly lingerie for that, as removing even the frumpiest clothes seductively can turn your man on

Tip 4: If your lover is far, you can try having phone sex. While it may appear uncomfortable, it can set the wheels in motion necessary to create the sexual anticipation that makes you and your partner long for to be in each other's arms.

Tip 5: Send him suggestive texts. This builds your partner's sexual anticipation which is a great ingredient for a steamy sex.

Tip 6: Try new sexual positions. If your partner is inhibited, try to develop new sex positions. This eliminates monotony associated with having sex using predictable positions.

Tip 7: Be wild in the bedroom. Scream and shout his name albeit at a low voice lest you wake the neighbors. Nothing turns on a man more than the knowledge that you are having pleasure in the act.

Tip 8: Guide his hands so that he knows what pleases you. Men are turned on by this simple act.

Tip 9: Shower together. The bathroom is one of the naughtiest but enjoyable places to make love. Besides, you can end up clean after the act.

Tip 10: Get some sex toys: Sex toys spice up your sex life. Stimulate his penis shaft when giving him a blow-job. You can also tie him on the bed posts with leather ropes before the act. This will get him dizzyingly excited.

Tip 11: Try making sex a surprise: If you initiate sex when he least expects it, prepare yourself for a wondrous lovemaking session. But make sure his mood is right.

Tip 12: Talking dirty turns men on. While it initially feels awkward, regularly practicing it makes it feel much more comfortable.

Tip 13: Relax beforehand. Research indicates that women tend to enjoy sex more if their minds are relaxed. Try watching a comedy or an erotic film with your partner.

Tip 14: Eat a well-balanced diet. It should include iron and B-vitamins to reduce the feelings of tiredness that can kill your sex-drive.

Tip 15: Throw in a few cushions in your bedroom. Cushions and pillows can be used to invent new comfortable sex positions.

Ladies, remember she who gives, gets. Of course, this assumes the rest of your relationship is in good shape. Being a great lover will not make up for being a selfish person. For the guys: a few women might overlook bad manners and social lunacy for really hot sex. By the way, (and this is for both genders), next to bathing, humor is the most important sex aid there is. No matter how good you might be from a technical point of view, if you take yourself too seriously—no one will care much.





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