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Natural Female Fertility Tips

There is a common conviction that women after reaching the age of 35 cannot conceive or their fertility lessens. According to various studies carried out, the age limit for maximum female fertility drops after age 27, and the woman's fertility lessens with every passing year. However, there have been various cases where women get pregnant even in their 40's and even 50's. This proves that it is possible for most women to conceive even after 35 years without even using sophisticated methods of fertilization. The following are some of the female fertility tips that use natural methods. The following fertility methods have been verified to be very efficient.

The first natural fertility method is getting in shape. Exercising is a very effective way of increasing a woman's fertility and general health. This is because exercises help the woman have a good body weight. A woman's body weight greatly affects fertility levels. These exercises do not have to be too vigorous. Taking a walk is a really good workout or even swimming. Exercising three to four times a week is enough, and of course - you need to have adequate rest and sleep.

Another natural method of fertility in women is avoiding or controlling stress. Of course, this is easier said than done, however you can indulge in relaxing and pleasurable activities in order to help you control stress. Stress is a great impediment to a woman getting pregnant. When a woman is stressed, a hormone known as prolactin is produced which tends to disrupt ovulatory processes, which automatically affects her fertility levels negatively. Therefore, it is important you indulge in your hobbies or try new things in order to control stress.

Having a good diet is another natural female fertility method. It is important that your diet is balanced and as natural and organic as possible. This means that you should have whole natural foods like green leafy vegetables, whole grains, freshwater fish and fresh fruits. These foods tend to have fertility enhancing nutrients such as vitamin C and D, antioxidants, zinc, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. In addition to that, you should drink plenty of water daily. If you follow this diet plan you will definitely increase your fertility drastically - and will ensure you retain a good body weight. You can also go for fertility enhancing herbs which include: chasteberry and dong quai.

Change of lifestyle is another very vital method of increasing fertility. Change of lifestyle simply means that you should avoid alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. This should be strictly adhered to. This means you should avoid coffee, soda drinks, chocolates and certain teas because they all have caffeine. Additionally, green tea should also be avoided. The need for this is because all the substances found in these products inhibit the absorption of folic acid which increases fertility. This tip is an age-old belief which states that the ultimate secret to having a safe and quick pregnancy is simply by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

All these tips are helpful in increasing a woman's fertility. If these female fertility tips fail it is imperative you consult a doctor for examination of your reproductive system.




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