Vigorfem: Review of the Week for Oct. 31, 2016


Review of the Week - Vigorfem

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  • Improved Sensation and Pleasure
  • Increased Appetite for Sex
  • Help Achieving Orgasm More Often
  • Quicker Full Body Arousal
  • Fewer Mood Swings & Less Irritability
  • Improved Vaginal Lubrication exclusive offer
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We rate female sexual enhancement products like Vigorfem using several criteria including customer testimonials, safety, value, medical studies, customer service, money back guarantees, and - most importantly - which ones produce the best results. We assign a final score to each product based on this criteria - and customer feedback - to generate a user rating. We hope you find this Vigorfem review helpful in finding the female sexual enhancer that's right for you.



vigorfem bottleUser Rating: #118
vigorfem ratingvigorfem reviewvigorfem reviewsvigorfem rating 3 starsdoes vigorfem really work

Manufactured By:

Trini Labs
1900 Beaver Ridge Cir.
Norcross, GA 30071
no vigorfem product website


Vigorfem Review:

Vigorfem capsules have been around for a short time and are not one of the better known female sexual enhancement products. The product is distributed by a company called Trini Labs, but it DOES NOT have its own product website. Vigorfem is only available to buy from the manufacturer through

Vigorfem is a female enhancer which is intended to increase a woman's sexual desire as well as improve sexual sensation and pleasure. According to the manufacturer's claims on Amazon, the ingredients in Vigorfem "MAY result in more intense feelings and more pleasurable orgasms."

Vigorfem Product Claims:

  • Enhances Sensitive Feelings
  • Improves Libido
  • Increases Energy and Passion

Vigorfem Results:

It's unclear what results - if any - the average woman will experience while using Vigorfem female enhancement pills. Some of the Amazon reviews are favorable, however almost all the positive reviews include the disclaimer "I received this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest review." - which sounds like a paid endorsement to us!

Our analysis of this product and customer feedback indicates that Vigorfem is not likely to be nearly as effective as leading competitors like Provestra, Femestril, or Vigorelle - and it contains far fewer ingredients than the leading competitors.


vigorfem product picProduct Guarantee: No money back guarantee

----> There is no Vigorfem official product website




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vigorfem  ingredients

Compare Vigorfem to Provestra


Vigorfem - Full Review



Vigorfem - Review

vigorfem reviewVigorfem is a female enhancement pill which consists of a proprietary blend that includes L-Arginine, Panax Ginseng, and Horny Goat weed. The Vigorfem formula is only found online through - the product does not have its own website. From the Amazon page selling Vigorfem:

"VigorFem is an Active Libido Supplement for Womens Pleasure and Men Health Sex that works as a Natural Sexual Enhancement by creating Faster Arousal. Sensitive Feelings are improved through Greater Blood Flow to Sensitive Areas of the Body. VigorFem is an All-Natural, Highly Effective Libido Max for Women. This Formula Enhances Sensitive Feelings, Improves Libido, Increases Energy and Passion, and results in Greater Romance and Intimacy.

This female libido booster helps provide increased sexual desire, promotes heightened orgasms, and creates heightened sexual arousal in women. The creators of VigorFem’s powerful blend of ingredients spent months in the research and development of a product that could duplicate the results of expensive prescription treatments with the cost effective, side effect free aspect of natural compounds. The resulting product was VigorFem!"

The Vigorfem product is meant to help women increase their libido, improve sensation, and achieve orgasm more often. While we feel that the Vigorfem formula is certainly affordable - that's about the only positive thing about the product. We think that the limited number of ingredients will not provide the dramatic or noticeable sexual benefits that most women are looking for in a female enhancer.

If you're looking for a safe and effective female sexual enhancer, check out our user rated top enhancers for women, but unfortunately the undisclosed ingredients makes Vigorfem a poor choice for women looking for safe and effective results from a sexual enhancer.

If you're willing to hope that the few active ingredients will provide some benefit, then possibly Vigorfem may provide some help, however there are several more effective products available.


Vigorfem - Product Claims

  • Enhances Sensitive Feelings
  • Improves Libido
  • Increases Energy and Passion


Vigorfem - Guarantee

*No money back guarantee


Vigorfem - Usage

Take 1 Vigorfem capsule daily. Monthly supply is 30 capsules.


Vigorfem - Cost

  • $14.90 for one bottle - 1 month supply
  • $44.70 for three bottles - 3 month supply
  • $89.40 for six bottles - 6 month supply


Vigorfem - Testimonial

"Cute little pink pills. Easy to swallow, all you do is take 2 pills an hour before physical activity. Do keep the out of reach from children because there isn't a child safety lid on these. Anyone could easily open this bottle. It is recommended you don't take these if you are pregnant or nursing, have diabetes, high blood pressure, any cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, or any kind of antidepressant. Of course if you have any questions about taking these, ask your doctor before doing so. Side effects listed on the bottle are, nausea, sleeplessness and nervousness. I'm not really impressed with this product and I wouldn't really say this did anything but increase my energy levels. Disclaimer: Received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased review." Doreen verified purchase


Vigorfem - Ingredients

The ingredients in Vigorfem are Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Mauira Puama, Polypodium Vulgare, L.Arginine, and Panax Ginseng.


Vigorfem - Side Effects

We are not aware of any reported side effects associated with Vigorfem capsules.


Vigorfem - Bonuses

Current Vigorfem Free Bonuses:

  • No free bonuses with Vigorfem purchase


Vigorfem - Medical Endorsements

We are not aware of any doctor or medical endorsements for Vigorfem.


Vigorfem - Shipping

Shipping cost varies from $5.95 - $39.95 (International) depending on shipping method chosen. Free shipping on for purchases over $49.


Vigorfem - How to Order

Vigorfem is currently only available to order online through


Vigorfem - Conclusion

does vigorfem really workOverall we feel that Vigorfem is deserving of a very mediocre rating due to the fact that it only contains 8 different ingredients, some of which are more commonly found in MALE sexual enhancement formulas. In fact, the product description states that Vigorfem is a product "for Womens Pleasure and Men Sexual Health", inferring that the product is for both men and women, which we find quite strange. We recommend women stick to enhancement products that were specifically designed for the FEMALE BODY, which has much different hormonal and nutritional needs than the male body.

It's important to note that Vigorfem has no product website, so customer service and support will likely be hard to come by. We find it strange for any legitimate product to not have its own website in this day and age. In addition, we find it hard to trust this product as the only Amazon reviews that are positive state that they got the product at a discount - or FREE - for giving their review. This is essentially like paying for good reviews - something we cannot condone. Another drawback is that Vigorfem has no money back guarantee, so you can't try it "risk free" as you can with most other female sexual enhancers.

On the plus side, Vigorfem is reasonably priced and comes at a cost that most people should be able to afford, primarily due to the reduced amount of active ingredients in the formula. Overall, Vigorfem may be a product for some to consider - but if you're looking for dramatic results in a sexual enhancer that's safe and clinically proven - then Vigorfem probably isn't your best option. There are several superior products like Provestra, Femestril, and Vigorelle which have been around for many years and have been proven extremely effective and are known to be completely safe. Research from our editors and customer feedback from readers indicate a user rating of #118 for Vigorfem - far behind the top-rated female sexual enhancement products. See the top 5 female enhancers



Female Enhancement Products for Better Sex.

Millions of women are now successfully using female sexual enhancers like Vigorfem to dramatically improve their sex lives and re-ignite the spark in their relationship. Safe and effective, herbal sexual enhancers for women are one of the most successful options as a treatment for low female libido - and should be considered among the top methods for improving your sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. Female sexual enhancement products can bring back the passion and pleasure in the bedroom that many women now find so elusive.

While not the best choice for women in our opinion, Vigorfem may provide some positive results for many of the women who try it. All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work - through numerous clinical trials and overwhelming positive feedback from the women who've used them. We encourage you to learn more about the top rated sexual enhancement products for women - and start experiencing the thrill of revitalized sexual health and desire. Many options are now available that will help restore your sex life and make sex fun again!


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