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Review of the Week - Scentuelle

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scentuelle User Rating: #81
scentuelle ratingscentuelle ratingscentuelle ratingscentuelle rated 2 starsscentuelle rating

Manufactured By:

SOS Labs
Horton Cross House
53 King St. - R3
Wolfville, NS B4P 2R3
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Scentuelle Review:

Scentuelle is a non-medicinal female enhancement patch manufactured by Sense of Smell Labs out of Canada, and designed to help increase sex drive for women. Scentuelle claims to be specifically designed to enhance sexual response and increase sexual desire.

Scentuelle does not enter the bloodstream, but rather contains "a complex scent formula that subtly enhances sexual thoughts, feelings, and desire."

Scentuelle Product Claims:

  • Helps Increase Female Sex Drive and Libido in Women
  • Greater Sense of Calm and Relaxation
  • Simple to Use and Discreet
  • Completely Safe and Non-Addictive

Scentuelle Results:

Scentuelle is applied to the skin as a gel patch, which is changed daily, and often worn on the wrist. The website claims that Scentuelle begins to work from the first sniff and the effect is cumulative, building to an optimum level after three weeks.

By most accounts, Scentuelle is not a strong choice for ladies looking to improve their sexual satisfaction or raise their libido. While Scentuelle is affordable and poses no health threat, online reviews seem to indicate that most users will not experience a noticeable effect from 'sniffing' the Scentuelle patch.


does scentuelle really work?Product Guarantee: None

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scentuelle  ingredients

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Scentuelle - Full Review



Scentuelle - Review

scentuelle reviewThe Scentuelle patch is manufactured and distributed by SOS (Sense of Smell) Labs out of Nova Scotia, Canada - as a treatment for low sexual desire in women. The clear, non transdermal (nothing enters the bloodstream) libido patch has been "impregnated with a unique combination of aromas", and claims to help increase female sex drive and libido in women. From the Scentuelle website:

"Are you are suffering from the frustrations of a low sex drive? Has your desire for sexual closeness waned – or disappeared completely? Is your relationship suffering from the lack of intimacy? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Research reveals that many women suffer from low libido and a lack of sexual desire at some point in their lives. This is often caused by factors such as stress, relationship issues, lifestyle and career choices, or physical conditions such as pregnancy, menopause and the use of prescription drugs.

But you can help re-ignite your sex drive – as well as increase your overall sexual desire – with an exciting new libido enhancing patch that is safe, discreet and easy to use. Scentuelle is a libido patch that is designed to enhance sexual response increasing sexual desire. The libido patch is infused with a blend of unique aromas and essential oils that are delivered directly to the smell receptors in your brain. Smelling the aromatic libido patch frequently throughout the day helps re-kindle the feelings of intimacy and pleasure that come from a healthy sex drive."

Scentuelle is intended to be worn daily, with the wearer remembering to 'sniff' the patch at least once per hour. This is supposed to enhance female sexual desire and improve libido, although the Scentuelle website does not build a strong case as to how the product accomplishes this feat. We think most experts would agree that the dynamics behind female sex drive and libido are quite complex, and unlikely to be fixed by simply sniffing a scent every hour. While we appreciate the sentiment of what Scentuelle is trying to do, we feel that most women will be disappointed by the results they will get with this product.

We provide the following information regarding Scentuelle for your review, but please be aware that some of this information was provided by the Scentuelle manufacturer website, and we can't confirm the validity or accuracy of every claim or statement regarding this product. Please research Scentuelle - and any other product - as much as possible before considering a purchase.


Scentuelle - Product Claims

  • Helps Increase Female Sex Drive and Libido in Women
  • Greater Sense of Calm and Relaxation
  • Simple to Use and Discreet
  • Completely Safe and Non-Addictive


Scentuelle - Guarantee

Scentuelle has no money back guarantee.


Scentuelle - Usage

Scentuelle is a topical patch which is attached to the skin and changed daily. The Scentuelle patch is "trans-dermal" - meaning nothing actually enters the bloodstream. It's recommended that women sniff the patch at least once an hour to help improve their sex drive and libido.


Scentuelle - Cost

  • Scentuelle 2-Month Supply - $29.95 - (60 patches)
  • Scentuelle 4-Month Supply - $59.90 - (120 patches)


Scentuelle - Testimonial

"Smells like patchouli, clear patch stays put. Placing your favorite scented oil on your wrist will do the same thing for alot less money. If you want a visual reminder too, draw a little heart with a pen. It is all about training yourself to think in a sensual way". -Deb, Arlington KY


Scentuelle - Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with the Scentuelle patch. As a precaution, Scentuelle should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.


Scentuelle - Bonuses

Current Scentuelle Free Bonuses:

  • There are no free bonuses for ordering Scentuelle


Scentuelle - Medical Endorsements

Scentuelle does not have any doctor or medical endorsements.


Scentuelle - Shipping

Shipping cost varies depending on location, and shipping method chosen.


Scentuelle - How to Order

Scentuelle is available to order online through the product website at Order options are limited to ordering via PayPal.


Scentuelle - Conclusion

scentuelle patchWe feel that Scentuelle is a rather weak choice as a product to restore female libido and increase sex drive. Studies involving female aroma products have shown that the results are barely above what is experienced by the placebo group. Scentuelle would likely need to be used for several weeks before there's even a chance you'll notice any results. In addition, the ingredients of the patch are unknown, and there is little evidence to support the manufacturers claim that female libido can be increased through smell.

Customer feedback indicates that results with Scentuelle will be almost unnoticeable, although some women report that they thought the patches had a pleasant smell, even though they did not increase sexual desire or enhance libido. On the plus side, Scentuelle is very affordable, so if you try the product and it doesn't work - you won't be out much money. However Scentuelle does not have a money back guarantee, and we always advise women to stick to female enhancement products that stand behind their products with iron clad money back guarantees.

Overall, Scentuelle may be a product to consider - but if you're looking for dramatic results in a female sexual enhancer from a trusted company with an established reputation in sexual enhancement, then Scentuelle probably isn't your best option. There are several superior products like Provestra, Femestril, and Vigorelle which have been around for many years, have excellent customer service, and have proven extremely effective. Research from our editors and customer feedback from readers indicate a user rating of #81 for Scentuelle - far, far, behind the top-rated female sexual enhancement products. Compare top products.


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