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Review of the Week - Lyriana

We take the guess work out of buying female health products by reviewing all the top products on one site and giving you all the information you need to decide which ones are the best fit for you. We've reviewed the top female sexual enhancement products and from that we've been able to determine which products work best for the majority of women. You can expect many benefits from using a medically formulated female libido enhancer.

What You Can Expect from Female Sexual Enhancement Products

  • Improved Sensation and Pleasure
  • Increased Appetite for Sex
  • Help Achieving Orgasm More Often
  • Quicker Full Body Arousal
  • Fewer Mood Swings & Less Irritability
  • Improved Vaginal Lubrication exclusive offer
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We've compiled an honest and unbiased list of the most effective sexual enhancers for women and what results you can expect from them. We don't sell or manufacture any of the products we review so - unlike most sites - we can give you factual information that is independent and unbiased.

We rate female sexual enhancement products like Lyriana using several criteria including customer testimonials, safety, value, medical studies, customer service, money back guarantees, and - most importantly - which ones produce the best results. We assign a final score to each product based on this criteria - and customer feedback - to generate a user rating. We hope you find this Lyriana review helpful in finding the female sexual enhancer that's right for you.

Lyriana Female Libido Enhancement


lyriana bottleUser Rating: #59
Lyriana ratingLyriana reviewLyriana reviewsLyriana rating 3 starsdoes Lyriana really work

Manufactured By:

Pro Enterprises Inc.
Melliora LLC
#3 - 17th Avenue South
Nampa, ID 83651
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Lyriana Review:

Lyriana capsules have been around for a couple of years now but are not one of the better known female sexual enhancement products. Lyriana is manufactured by a company called Melliora LLC, which sells a few different natural supplements for women.

Lyriana is an herbal formula intended to increase sex drive, improve vaginal sensitivity, and intensify orgasms. Lyriana pills contain 5 natural ingredients including L-Arginine, Epimedium, and Yohimbe.

Lyriana Product Claims:

  • Significant Increase in Your Libido
  • Increase Rush of Blood Flow to your Clitoral Region
  • Sense of Heightened Sexual Sensitivity
  • Ability to Achieve Increased and More Pleasurable Orgasms
  • Significant Increase in Natural Vaginal Lubrication

Lyriana Results:

It's unclear what results - if any - the average woman will experience while using the Lyriana female enhancement pills. While Lyriana does contain 1 or 2 good herbal ingredients for female libido, unfortunately it also contains the potentially dangerous ingredient Yohimbe.

Our analysis of the ingredients indicates that Lyriana is not likely to be nearly as effective as leading competitors like Provestra, Hersolution, or Vigorelle. The manufacturer states that you can start noticing improvement with Lyriana in as little as a few days.


does Lyriana really work?Product Guarantee: 90-days

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Lyriana  ingredients

Compare Lyriana to Provestra


Lyriana - Full Review



Lyriana - Review

Lyriana reviewLyriana is a female enhancement product which is sold in capsule form, with a blend of 5 herbal ingredients. This product has been around since 2006 and the Lyriana formula is manufactured and distributed by a company called Melloria LLC, and sold through the product website at Information on the manufacturer is very limited, even though the company also sells a handful of other female herbal supplements across different health categories. From the Lyriana manufacturer's website:

"Let's face it. As women, our sexual desires and needs can be drastically different. There really isn't a "one size fits" all formula to increase everyone's libido. As a woman, there are dozens of reasons why the "flames of passion" burn out. We totally understand that you might be experiencing menopause, hormonal changes, stress, medication side effects, vaginal dryness, pregnancy, pain during intercourse, depression, or other medical conditions. But please don't worry because you are definitely not alone. In fact over 63% of women over the age of 40 in the USA reported a huge loss of sexual desire or pleasure with their partners. That's almost 1 in 7 women! Say goodbye forever to the "dark ages" of solving your lowered libido issues!

Imagine being able to experience a powerful new-found libido which can lead to the best sex of your life within as little as 30 days or less! We stand behind our product with the industry's most trusted, iron-clad 90 day money back guarantee. We've sold Lyriana to thousands of satisfied women and their partners who have become loyal customers because frankly, they've told us time and time again, nothing on the market today works as effectively and safely as Lyriana."

The Lyriana product is hormone free and meant to help women increase their libido, improve sensation, and achieve orgasm more often. While we feel that the Lyriana formula does contain 1 or 2 good ingredients for female sexual enhancement like L-Arginine and Epimedium, one of our biggest concerns is that Lyriana doesn't really contain enough ingredients to provide noticeable effects for most women. While leading products like Provestra contain 21 ingredients known to improve female sexual function, Lyriana has only 5 different ingredients, and yet the price is the same or even more.

Even more concerning is the fact that Lyriana also contains Yohimbe, a potentially dangerous herb and the subject of several FDA warnings regarding it's use. Yohimbe can have serious adverse effects, including renal failure, seizures and death. The FDA placed Yohimbe on the list of unsafe herbs way back in March 1997, and we've been advising our readers to avoid it for over a decade. If you're looking for a safe and effective female sexual enhancer, check out our user rated top enhancers for women, but unfortunately we feel that although Lyriana may provide some benefit, the fact that it contains Yohimbe makes it too risky to consider.

Most customer feedback indicates that you need to use Lyriana for at least 30 days to see any kind of results. Unfortunately, the product website does not disclose the possible health risks of taking a product with Yohimbe, so it is important you fully research this herb before deciding if you feel the risk is worth it. While it's true that Lyriana may provide some help for women with low female libido, the fact is there are several products which are more effective without using the potentially dangerous Yohimbe in their formula. While Lyriana does have some positive attributes, it is certainly not the best or safest female enhancement formula available today.


Lyriana - Product Claims

  • Significant Increase in Your Libido
  • Increase Rush of Blood Flow to your Clitoral Region
  • Sense of Heightened Sexual Sensitivity
  • Ability to Achieve Increased and More Pleasurable Orgasms
  • Significant Increase in Natural Vaginal Lubrication


Lyriana - Guarantee

Lyriana has a money-back guarantee for 90-days from date of purchase.


Lyriana - Usage

Take 2 Lyriana capsules daily - preferably with food. Monthly supply is 60 capsules.


Lyriana - Cost

  • $59.95 for one bottle - one month supply
  • $99.95 for 2 bottles - two month supply (plus get 1 bottle free)
  • $149.95 for 6 bottles - six month supply


Lyriana - Testimonial

"After only just three short weeks of using Lyriana, my body is back on track and I have no lubrication issues. The best part is that my sexual appetite has also dramatically increased. Now I'm the one to instigate sex at least twice a week!" - Georgia, 45


Lyriana - Ingredients

The ingredients in Lyriana are L-Arginine, Epimedium, Maca, Damiana, and Yohimbe.


Lyriana - Side Effects

The Lyriana formula contains Yohimbe extract which may have potentially serious side effects and/or interactions with other medications or conditions. If you have high blood pressure or any other medical condition, consult your doctor before using Lyriana There are several FDA warnings regarding Yohimbe and supplements which contain this herb.


Lyriana - Bonuses

Current Lyriana Free Bonuses:

  • Free bottle when ordering 2-month supply


Lyriana - Medical Endorsements

Lyriana has no medical or doctor endorsements at this time.


Lyriana - Shipping

Shipping cost is $6.95 for US orders (3-5 business days) - $11.95 for International delivery outside US and Mexico. Free shipping is NOT available.


Lyriana - How to Order

Lyriana is available to order online by credit card only, through the product website at


Lyriana - Conclusion

Lyriana reviewsOverall we feel that Lyriana is a below average product for female enhancement, primarily due to the relatively few ingredients found in this product - and the fact that some of the ingredients are just plain unsafe. While there are some good ingredients in Lyriana like Damiana and L-Arginine, with only 5 ingredients in total, Lyriana comes up a bit short compared to leading brands like Provestra which has 21 different ingredients. Because of this, we feel the Lyriana formula lacks many of the better known herbs for female sexual function, which you can see in the Lyriana ingredients chart listed above.

We must strongly caution women that Lyriana does contain Yohimbe, a potent herb which has been the subject of several FDA warnings. Studies have shown that Yohimbe can produce adverse reactions in men and women, and can have negative interactions with several medications or pre-existing medical conditions. We always advise our readers to avoid Yohimbe as there are several other products available which are extremely effective without including Yohimbe in their ingredients.

Lyriana does come with a 90-day money back guarantee, which is as good or better than many other female enhancement products. This is a "no questions asked" guarantee that is good for the entire purchase price (less shipping and handling) for 90 days from the date you ordered. This means you can get a full refund if Lyriana does not work for you - or if you experience unpleasant side effects. Unfortunately, we feel the potentially dangerous use of Yohimbe in the Lyriana formula overshadows the benefits of this very good money back guarantee.

On the plus side, Lyriana is reasonably priced and comes at a cost that most women should be able to afford - although certainly not one of the most effective female enhancers in this price range. Overall, Lyriana may be a product to consider - but if you're looking for dramatic results in a sexual enhancer that's clinically proven - then Lyriana probably isn't your best or safest option. There are several superior products like Provestra, Femestril, and Vigorelle which have been around for many years and have been proven extremely effective and are known to be completely safe. Research from our editors and customer feedback from readers indicate a user rating of #59 for Lyriana, far behind the top-rated female sexual enhancement products. See the top 5 female enhancers


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Female Enhancement Products for Better Sex.

Millions of women are now successfully using female sexual enhancers like Lyriana to dramatically improve their sex lives and re-ignite the spark in their relationship. Safe and effective, herbal sexual enhancers for women are one of the most successful options as a treatment for low female libido - and should be considered among the top methods for improving your sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. Female sexual enhancement products can bring back the passion and pleasure in the bedroom that many women now find so elusive.

While not the best choice for women, Lyriana may provide some positive results for a few of the women who try it. All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work - through numerous clinical trials and overwhelming positive feedback from the women who've used them. We encourage you to learn more about the top rated sexual enhancement products for women - and start experiencing the thrill of revitalized sexual health and desire. Many options are now available that will help restore your sex life and make sex fun again!


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